Congrats! Your website is live 🎉

And like all living things, it needs some regular TLC – a little bit of ongoing maintenance to ensure it’s in perfect working order.

Wordpress is up to date



WordPress, the software your site is built on, constantly releases new versions. If your site is not running on the latest WordPress, you’re at risk of security breaches.

Plugins are updated



Many features on your site (ex: forms) are built with add-ons. The plugins need to be updated constantly or you’ll risk losing some of the functionality and performance on your site.

The site is backed up

If your site is backed up on a regular basis, you have insurance. Even if the site is breached or crashes, you won’t lose anything. You can restore it all – easily and simply. 


Links and forms are working

Your contact forms are a critical part of your site. They’re how prospects reach you. If the form or any other links are broken, clients may drop you a line – and you’ll never receive it.

The site operating at max speed

If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 40% of your leads will abandon ship. Quarterly speed tests ensure nothing stands in the way – and your site is running full speed ahead.

You don’t have to be the one worrying about all this.

You don’t have to find the time for another ongoing task, learn new techy things, worry about making a mistake when you update the site on your own, or have the headache of another responsibility on your head.

The person who built your site from bottom up, and knows it inside out, can take care of everything for you. (Psst, that’s me 👋.)

Which one is right for you?

Ready to get started?

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I’ll work on your back-end proactively so I find – and fix – problems before they become, well, problems.

In addition, you’ll get: 

✔ 48-hour turnaround on any edits or changes
✔ Immediate support on any back-end concerns
✔ Monthly updates on all site updates and adjustments

Give your website all the
attention it needs. 

No time investment on your part
No need to to learn new techy things
No high hourly fees when problems arise
No worries about messing things up
No headache of another responsibility